Todo Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike Review

Pedal exercisers are one of the best ways to exercise. Yes, one can cycle, run, or join a gym to stay fit. But is it feasible for everyone? No, right. The people who work in offices or are too old to exercise, running or cycling can be rather tiring.

Todo Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike

This is when pedal exercisers come into the picture. Today, we’ll discuss in detail about the Todo Pedal Exerciser bike. We’ll talk about the benefits it brings along, its specifications, price, etc. We’ll also talk about what we like and what we don’t in this pedal exerciser.

Interested? Well, read the below information in full and find if this exerciser is fit for you: –

Todo Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike

TODO Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike for Arm/Leg Exercisers Smooth and Quiet for Home/Office with Portable Handle (white)

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This desk exercise bike features a very compact design that makes it very easy to use and store. It comes with various levels of resistance, so no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced, you could use it easily. This machine is completely soundless which makes it perfect for your workplace. Here are some of its main features that you should know.

  •  8 resistance levels are quite usable as not many exercise bikes come with many such settings
  • It delivers a smooth and quiet operation
  • One-year warranty
  • Compact & Portable
  • It is meant to last for long
  •  No discomfort even after using it for long hours

  • This exerciser can only help you with light exercise for your lower body and.

Salient Features of Todo Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike

Magnetic Resistance

This pedal exerciser is meant for use, possibly anywhere. And magnetic resistance is what makes it possible. It has a patented magnetic resistance mechanism that allows an easy and smooth operation. Also, it helps improve the exercise experience. The healthy pedal motions won’t ever put unnecessary stress on your joints.

This means you can exercise for quite a long time using this pedal exerciser without getting tired. So, it’s a great option if you want to work in the office and exercise at the same time.

Calibrated Resistance Settings

Some people like to exercise at full resistance, while others like it are quite easy in the beginning. Not all machines come with variable resistance settings. Fortunately, this does. Eight calibrated resistance settings will help you change the resistance or difficulty as per your liking.

The resistance settings are calibrated on a wheel kind of a structure that is easy to alter. This pedal exerciser is one of the few devices with eight resistance settings as most come with half or less than that. So, if you love variable resistance levels or have old people who want to use this, this feature will make it easy.


Most exercise bikes and pedal exercisers make a lot of noise. And, it is not something you would want if you work somewhere and want to take an exerciser along, right? But you won’t face such a problem with this exerciser. As you may know, this exerciser comes with a magnetic precision flywheel, which delivers amazing performance regardless of the resistance level.

Whether you’ve set the level to one or to eight, the exerciser will be quiet as a feather. It is one of the reasons why this exerciser is loved by people across the globe. If you’re someone who likes a silent and effective exerciser, this one is one of the best.

Real-Time Results


We all love the results of our efforts immediately, don’t we? Well, this is all possible with this Todo pedal exerciser. This exerciser comes with an LCD monitor or screen that helps you track your workout in real-time. You can track the distance you’ve covered, how fast you were, calories burned, etc. This information is really useful to determine how effective an exercise session was.

Most cheap quality paddle exercisers do not have a display to look at. But his one comes with one. If you need real-time analysis, too, this is the exerciser you need. 

Ease of Installation & Packaging

It comes with beautiful packaging and is quite easy to install. You need negligible technical knowledge to set this device up. There are vivid instructions that are easy to understand. If you do it in the right manner, you won’t take more than 30 minutes to get this exerciser running. If you want a hassle-free installation, this exerciser from Todo can prove to be great.

Portability & Weight

It comes with a low-profile compact design. Also, this exerciser weighs around 22 pounds, which is quite less for such a piece of equipment. It means this exerciser is very easy to carry. So, whether you want to move it from one room to another or want to take it to your office, there won’t be a problem. You can keep it in your car and can carry it along with you.


The exerciser is highly rated and loved by people. And one of the reasons is the quality or durability. However, this device may seem quite light and fragile at first, but it’s not. Products from Todo are highly durable, and this one is no exception. From the pedal straps to the frame, this product is quite sturdy and is made to last for long. Also, you can alter the paddle strap using a Velcro strip. It’s because the paddles are fixed permanently.


You would never want to get back pain while you exercise, right? This is not what all exercise bikes offer. You’ll find numerous exercise bikes which do worse more than they do any good. It is usually due to the non-ergonomic design. However, this is not the case with this exerciser.

It has quite an ergonomic design, which will definitely deliver a comforting experience. Its also known as the desk exerciser because of its low-profile design. You can simply alter the position so that your legs don’t hit the desk while you exercise. All in all, this device is complete in itself and is quite helpful in maintaining good health.

Work & Stay Fit

Now, the above words never seem to fit, right? It is not easy to stay fit and work hard. However, with this exerciser, it is. This exerciser is so compact and noiseless that not many people will notice it when you bring this to the office. Also, what could be better than exercising while you work or are at your job? So, if you’re the one who spends hours on computers, this can be the key to your healthy and successful life.


Usually, exercise bikes are very costly and are over $500. Such bikes are equipped with the latest technologies but are rather big and unfit for office use. However, this little exerciser from Todo is rather affordable. With all its amazing features like eight resistance levels, an LCD monitor for real-time workout analysis, this is available at under $160. Seems quite affordable, right? Well, it is. If you’re tight on budget and want something effective, this exerciser seems to be the right choice.

Warranty & Excellent Service

The Todo exerciser comes with a one-year warranty, which is quite good—and talking of the brand reputation, it’s commendable. People love Todo because of its reliable, affordable, and beautifully designed exercise cycles. Their service is praiseworthy too. So, whenever you run into problems related to this equipment, the customer support team will definitely be at your rescue.


We’ve tried to gather and explain every bit of information we could relate to the Todo pedal exerciser. It’s a fine little effective device which can really help you with small workouts while you’re busy at your office or job. Also, it’s equipped with all the features necessary to keep you fit. We have briefly described all its features and benefits that come along. You can go through all the points one by one.

In the form of a summary, you can also find what we like and dislike about this exerciser. Please scroll through the insights and decide whether this exerciser is meant for you or not.

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